Oxford LAA Group

The Oxford Branch of the LAA was set up in 1972, then called a "Strut" of the Popular Flying Association (PFA), and over the years members have met at a variety of venues.


Our current meeting place is at the Duke of Marlborough, about 3 miles north of Woodstock on the A44. We generally meet every 2nd Wednesday of the month at 8.00 pm.


The Oxford Branch is one of a number of Branches of the LAA dotted around the country. Each Branch although self governing, is a member of the Light Aircraft Association (LAA). Many of our members are also members of the LAA, particularly those that are building their own aeroplanes, or are operating 'Permit To Fly' types.


We organise monthly local social events and talks to provide a local focus for recreational light aviation, encourage enjoyable social activities and flying activities, improving safety knowledge and understanding and to maintain awareness concerning local threats or potential restrictions on light aviation activity.  Our members come from all types of backgrounds with a common interest in light aviation.  Guests are welcome at all our events, so please feel free to pop by and give us a try! 


Support for Homebuilds & Permit Aircraft


The Civil Aviation Authority ( CAA ) has granted the right to the LAA to certify home built, and certain other aircraft. The LAA then in turn through a network of experienced inspectors supervise home construction, and pilot maintenance of Permit To Fly aircraft. The devoted enthusiasm of constructors and owners of such aircraft results in a very high standard of workmanship being maintained.  Recent changes in aviation law are bringing the LAA more into keeping an eye on maintaining the flying skills of its members, especially as some will be flying some unusual designs.


The local branches of the LAA allow a free flow of help and information for those owning, building and maintaining LAA permit aicraft, so if you're stuck on a project there may well be some help locally!

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