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Build projects by members

There have been and are a number of different aircraft building projects undertaken by members of the Oxford Group.


So far the following have been or are being built or worked on:


Jodel DR 1051 by Dave Brooks

RV XX by Geraldine O'Mera

Europa by John Bean (see below)

Jodel Bebe by Rob Stobo (Also an Auster always needing attention)

Ian Melville - CX4 scratch build (see below)  & Jodel DR1050 major refurbishment

Peter Beedham's Evans VP1 Volksplane (see below)


More photos to appear here soon !


Dave Brook's DR1051 Restoration Project presentation
New file download

John Bean's Europa;

Built and flown

Ian Melville's CX4;

Still at an early stage of construction. At the moment it is on hold pending approval (or not) of another CX4.  Added a photo of one someone else built.

Peter Beedham's Evans VP1 Volksplane;

Still a long way to go! photos show rudder, tailplane ribs and spa

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